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24/7 quality locksmith services in Coppell, TX and surrounding areas!

Here at 469 Locksmith, we provide professional locksmith services to all communities in Coppell, TX 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our mission is to offer the best quality services at affordable prices and we have gained a reputation as the #1 choice for locksmith services.

Our locksmith specialists are fully insured and licensed and have many years of on-the-job experience. We take on projects of all sizes and there’s no job too small or too big for us. We provide a wide variety of vehicle, commercial, and home locksmith solutions. We also provide lockouts at any time of the day or night.


Copell TX 24/7 Locksmith Services


Our Locksmith Solutions:

  • Lockouts at any time of the day or night
  • Home locksmith solutions
  • Replacement of locks
  • Replacement of keys
  • Car locksmith solutions
  • Car key replacing
  • Transponder key programming
  • Key extraction from ignition
  • Car trunk unlocking
  • Commercial locksmith solutions
  • Security system sales and service
  • Entry door locks including high-security locks
  • Set-up of security and surveillance systems

Our mobile locksmith experts will come to your location wherever you’re located in Coppell, TX. We have technicians standing by at all times, ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Give us a call at ☎(469) 480 3395 and we’ll come to your location as soon as possible!

We strive to offer the best security services for your family, employees, and assets. Due to this, we offer locksmith solutions of all types at any time of the day or night. Even if you become locked out of your vehicle or house in the middle of the night, we’ll come to your location promptly so you don’t have to worry about making other arrangements.

Automotive Locksmith Services

It can be extremely frustrating to accidentally lock yourself out of your car. If that happens don’t waste your money or time by waiting for an expensive tow truck. We are always just a phone call away and will come to any location in Coppell or the surrounding areas to perform a lockout.

Our lockout specialists work very quickly so you’ll be back in your car in no time. The methods we use are 100% safe and will not cause any kind of damage to your vehicle. Each technician we employ are insured and licensed, and well experienced in our industry.

We also create and duplicate nearly every type of car key available. Don’t pay full price at a dealership and wait days or weeks for an appointment, call us instead. We have keys in stock for every automobile make and model, and we can create or replicate all types of keys for a low price.

Do you have a Transponder key or wireless that needs to be programmed or replaced? We can do that also! We can even remove broken keys from ignition systems, unlock all types of trunks, and much more! Whatever type of car locksmith service you need, we have the experts and equipment to do it right!

Business Locksmith Services

We offer a wide variety of business locksmith solutions, from lockouts all the way to advanced security system installations and everything in-between. We have become the area’s most reliable locksmith providers because we don’t take your company’s security lightly. We understand that the work we do is responsible for protecting your employees, sensitive information, and assets.

If you become locked out of your building, give us a call and we’ll come do a lockout promptly. We are able to unlock all types of commercial doors in a short amount of time so you and your employees won’t have to wait. We can also unlock doors intercom and keyless entry systems.

If an employee leaves your company that had access to the keys, it’s a good idea to either have your locks rekeyed or changed. We also provide these services. Usually, all you need is to have your locks rekeyed, which will allow you to keep the existing locks keep costs down. We can also provide new locks if your locks are worn out or you lost your keys. We have a wide range of keys and locks in-stock, even enough to handle very large projects.

We also provide sales and service of security and surveillance systems. The products we offer are made by the industry’s most trusted and reliable brands and come with a guarantee. If you’re unsure about what to do to improve the security of your property, call us for a consultation. We will give you recommendations based on your property and budget.

Home Locksmith Solutions

If you’re located in or around Coppell, Texas lock yourself out of your home by accident we will come perform a lockout right away. We will unlock your door quickly no matter what kind of locks you have installed. Our methods are fast and 100% safe and we guarantee no damage will be made to your doors or locks.

Our security specialists are well experienced in all types of security services to fit every budget. We provide security consultations and can replace and repair security systems, surveillance systems, intercoms, security lighting, and much more. We can also improve the protection of your doors and locks. We work on projects of all sizes, so if you’re considering improving the security of your home call us for a no obligation consultation.

In addition to lockouts and security system installations, we also offer other house locksmith solutions as well. We can replace any type of key, repair and replace locks, and we also offer rekeying services. By rekeying a lock we will change the lock so a new key unlocks it. We do this by changing the mechanisms inside the lock cylinder to work with a new key.

Services we provide in Coppell, TX:

Lock & Key Services

  • Creating new keys
  • Key duplication
  • Rekeying of locks
  • Company Lock Replacement and Repair
  • House Lock Replacement and Repair
  • Vehicle Lock Replacement and Repair

High-Security Solutions

  • Sales and Service
  • Consultations
  • Protective Key Duplication
Vehicle Locksmith Solutions

  • Automotive Lockouts
  • Vehicle Key Duplicating and Replacement
  • Car Trunk Opening
  • Transponder and FOB Programming
  • Broken Key Removal

Security and Access Control

  • Monitored Alarm Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • House Automation Systems
  • Advanced Locks
  • Surveillance Systems Sales and Service


We provide 24/7 locksmith services in Coppell, TX. Zip codes: 75019, 75099

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