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Locksmith Arlington TX

Many people don’t think about the services a locksmith Arlington TX company can do for them until they have lost their keys or been locked out of their property. However, these professionals can do that and a lot more to help ensure the safety of you and your property. In fact, you should have one in your important contacts, just like you do other contractors that you need on file.

As a homeowner, you have a responsibility to take good care of the property. This includes having the electrical work up to current codes, fixing your roof after a storm, and securing the doors and windows. Too often, new homeowners take the keys from the seller and never give security another thought. However, this can have disastrous consequences.

Auto Locksmith

Many people today spend hours every day in their vehicles, making it like a second home to some. Even if your commute is short and your errands few, you still have a responsibility to maintain your car well. If you have personal belongings in your vehicle, you certainly want to do what you can to protect them. Plus, having the locks in good repair helps to protect the value of your vehicle.

Locksmith Arlington TX

When you find the right locksmith Arlington TX company, you can have them assist with these issues to give you and your loved ones greater peace of mind. Whether you rent or own your home, have a new vehicle or an older model, you need to have a professional locksmith that you can trust.

Purchasing a home is exciting, whether you are buying an older house or one that has just been constructed. In either instance, you are likely focused on where to place the furniture and unpacking your belongings. However, before the moving van pulls into the driveway, you should already have a locksmith change all of the locks.

You do not know who has had access to the keys before you purchased the house. This is particularly the case with a house that has already been lived in. While the previous owners might believe that they collected all of the keys to the home, they might not realize that some have been copied. Teens could have given a key to a friend, or a service provider might have inadvertently hired someone with ill intentions. The fact is that you have absolutely no way of knowing who can gain entry to your new home.

A locksmith can either change the locks or re-key them for you

If the hardware is in good condition and suitable for re-keying, this is an ideal solution. Of course, if you would like to change the appearance of the front doorknobs and locks, this can be the perfect time for it. For those who aren’t ready to undertake making aesthetic changes just yet, you can at least have the peace of mind that comes with having the current ones re-keyed.

Commercial Locksmith

When you make the appointment with the locksmith Arlington TX business, you should also inquire about an assessment for the rest of your home security issues. Just as your doors need to be secure, so do your windows. The best measures to keep you safe will depend on the types of windows you have, the locations and various other factors that the locksmith understands. As a valuable part of your home safety team, these professionals know a great deal about how to protect your home.

If you have lost your keys, you should not hesitate to have your locksmith re-key the locks in your home. Now, if you forgot where you put them when you got home last night, you might want to hold off. However, if you came home without them, you definitely need to have this taken care of. If your keys were stolen along with anything that has your address on it, the thieves have an open invitation to come to your home and steal everything. They might even commit more crimes given the chance. You certainly don’t want to risk it!

The same principles that apply to your home apply to your vehicle as well. When you purchase a car or truck, have your locksmith re-key the doors and ignition. Likewise, lost keys require immediate attention.

Before you hire a locksmith, you should look over their website carefully and check out their credentials. Does the company have a verifiable physical address? Are the team members bonded and insured? What are their professional affiliations? These are just a few of the questions that should be answered as you look around. A reputable business will have technicians who arrive in a business vehicle and wearing appropriate professional clothing.

Once you have found a good locksmith near you, don’t forget to leave a positive review online. After all, that is how the message gets spread about great service providers!


Non-Stop sent Chuck to do my door. I had to change keys because my abusive boyfriend finally moved out. He was very friendly and very professional. He even arrived about 5 minutes before the time he was supposed to be! He told me that he has worked for this company since they opened. It took him only about 20 minutes to do everything. The price is reasonable: $65 flat rate and $35 per door.


Never thought I would need a locksmith, but then I lost my only mailbox key after a fun filled day of shopping to 50 gazillion stores


These guys truly are one in a million! Top of the line products and service!!! I will recommend them to all my friends and family. Shimon-THANK YOU for the new camera/door bell!!! I love it!!


“New Way Lock is amazing. I’ve used them several times and the response time is immediate and the staff is very knowledgeable and great to work with. Hire them for your locksmith needs.”


I had an excellent experience yesterday with Kamand Locksmith. I really needed keyless entry in my front door installed the same day that I called, and Eddie came thru for me. Eddie was very friendly. Each step of the way, he’d explain what he was doing and why. I ended up learning a lot about locks and how they work. He even showed me issues, such as rusting from the inside, that I didn’t know I had. He worked really quick, which was also impressive.


Thank you Eddie! You saved the day. I was locked out of my car, and had to move it for street sweeping at my house in the Inner Sunset. Thanks to you, I didn’t get a ticket!


A brilliant service.

We called, you came. No fuss, no mess.



I can definitely recommend this company. They stole my car keys last night. Saturday night, after 40 minutes from my call Johnny showed up. Made key for my Hyundai very quick. He was very polite and professional.


Joey is knowledgeable and very honest. He will charge what he quoted. The work performed and quality of work was exceptional. I would highly recommend this company!!



Sometimes you need your apartment re-keyed AND lockout service all in 24 hours. The only thing that made this situation better was that Nim was fast and great to work with! I really appreciated how quickly I was able to get my apartment re-keyed and that he rushed back the next day to help me with a lockout.

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