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Commercial Emergency Lockout Services

They say that you can never have too much of a good thing, but that isn’t entirely true. You can’t have too much security for your commercial property, unless, you’re the one that security is keeping out.

The best choice you can possibly make in the event of a lockout is to call our 24/7 emergency lockout services. Whenever you aren’t able to get inside your building, we are happy to help you as soon as we can.

What Makes 24/7 Emergency Lockout Services A Must-Have

Give us a call, tell us what happened, and we can be at your location in less than half an hour. This feature is available to many kinds of different businesses with our security, including the following:

  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Schools
  • Sports venues

Many of our clients love our security solely for this reason. Just like them, you might want excellent, tough security, but don’t want to pay too big a price when you or someone else working with you makes a mistake. If you and other staff get locked out of your building, we guarantee it would only be very temporarily.

What Not To Do When Locked Out?

Sure, perhaps you can’t wait to get inside. You need your employees to get to work right away, but we ensure that waiting for our emergency lockout services is well worth the wait. Do not try to compromise your own security in one or more of the following ways:

  • Break a window
  • Pick a lock
  • Unhinge a door
  • Bash off a knob
  • Use equipment or machinery to tunnel in

All of these things are not worth the trouble, and you would have to rely on us to repair the security, and/or you would have to pay for damaged property caused by you. You do not want to solve your problems by creating more problems.

Possibly another unfavorable choice you can do when locked out of your commercial building is call 9-1-1. While the police do seem like people that can help you, it would be wise to never contact them for assistance in the event of a lockout. Here are some reasons why:

  • Getting locked out is not a serious situation for them to have to deal with.
  • They might break down a door or window to get you inside.
  • You would be wasting their time.
  • You would likely get fined or charged.

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Our 24/7 emergency lockout services are just one of many great perks available to you when you purchase our professional locks and security systems. Don’t let your own mistakes cost you of too much time and/or money, and take advantage of what our quality locks offer today.

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