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Commercial Magnetic and Electric Locks

Your safety and the safety of your business is important to us. That is why our team at 469 Locksmith offers the highest-quality service in the area and state of the art locking technology and equipment so that we can keep safe what is most valuable to you and your business.

One of the greatest services that we can provide is in making sure that your business is guarded. To accomplish that, we provide a wide variety of high-performance commercial magnetic and electric locks.

Commercial Magnetic and Electric Locks

To make sure that you have the best in the business when it comes to protecting your facility, we offer

  • Installment
  • Maintenance
  • And repair

For commercial magnetic and electric locks alike. If you are not familiar with magnetic or electric locks, here is an overview of each and how they each use different mechanisms and functionalities to bring your business optimal protection.

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Commercial Magnetic and Electric Services

  • Arlington Locksmith Services

    Home / Apartment Lockouts

    Locked your keys in your house or apartment? No matter what type of locks you use, our residential locksmith technicians will be able to open your door in no time. We provide door lockout services in Arlington and surrounding areas and can come to your location within 30 minutes.

    Our experienced technicians can perform most lockouts in a matter of minutes. We can open your apartment door even if you have deadbolt locks, chain locks, electronic locks, or any lock type.

    We only use safe and time-tested techniques and the highest quality tools and equipment, so you can be assured that no damage will be done to your door, door frame, handle, or lock.

  • Arlington Locksmith Services

    Lock Repair

    If your lock is not working correctly it may not require replacement, in many cases it can be repaired. Locks can stop working for a variety of reasons, and many times a simple repair is all that’s needed to put it back to working order.

    If you have a lock that is not working correctly, don’t wait to have it repaired. A malfunctioning lock can be easier to pick and break into, leaving your home more vulnerable to burglary or attack. We take your home’s security very seriously, and because of that we offer 24/7 lock repair services.

  • Arlington Locksmith Services

    Key Replacement and Duplication

    If your residential key was lost or stolen, or you just need to have a duplicate made, give us a call at 469 Locksmith. We offer key replacement and duplication services in Arlington as a mobile service, as our vans are equipped with everything needed to make and duplicate keys on the spot.

    We can replace just about every type of key used in the market today. No matter the type of key you need, we have the blanks ready to be cut.

  • Arlington Locksmith Services

    Home Lock Changing

    In some cases, if your keys were lost or stolen it may be necessary to change the locks. They may also require replacement if they are worn and not working properly. Lock replacement doesn’t need to be expensive; in many cases we can install new lock cylinders inside of your existing handles or fixtures.

    We can carry and can replace a variety of lock types. Whatever type of lock you need to be changed, chances are we have it in stock and we can come replace it right away.

  • Arlington Locksmith Services

    House Lock Rekeying

    In many cases, you can have your locks rekeyed instead of replaced. Rekeying is the process of realigning the pins inside the lock cylinder so it fits to a new key. This makes it so the old key no longer works.

    If you believe a stranger may have had access to your keys, or if you’re worried an individual may have a duplicate key, rekeying will be a good option for you as it’s usually less expensive than replacing the locks.

    Rekeying can also be used for other purposes, such as adding convenience. We can rekey your front and rear door locks to use the same key, for example, so instead of two keys you only need one. It’s very common for customers to have their front door, rear door, side doors, and garage door all rekeyed to use the same key.

  • Arlington Locksmith Services

    Security System Installation and Repair

    We take your family’s security very seriously. We have built a reputation in the Arlington area as the most trusted and reliable locksmith provider. We give our customers peace of mind that their homes are protected.

    We offer a wide range of security products in Arlington including:

    • Monitored alarm systems
    • Motion sensor lighting
    • IP and closed camera surveillance systems
    • Audio and video intercom systems
    • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Commercial Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks use a powerful electromagnet and a coupling plate that holds your lock tightly in place to prevent intrusion. Many magnetic locks require a power source to remain locked, whereas others will remain locked even if power is lost.

For the most part, if your lock is going to have a power source, magnetic locks can be a viable layer of security for your business. If that is not the case, you may want to explore the idea of using commercial electric locks.

Commercial Electric Locks

An electric lock is usually opened by a fob or keycard on the outside of the designated door or building. The benefit to this type of lock is that even if your power would go out, these locks would still be fully operational.

Differences between Magnetic and Electric Locks

The main difference between these two locks is that magnetic locks do not have any interlocking internal components that hold the lock itself to the door or doorframe, and electric locks have interconnected pieces that hold the lock to its mate locking mechanism, to keep it in place.

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