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If you are the owner of a commercial space, you know all about safe locks and what a nuisance they can be. Sometimes they work perfectly, and sometimes you have to put in the code or key again and again, and it just doesn’t work. If you happen to get locked out of your commercial safe, we are here to help!

Call us today to install open your commercial safe!

Our licensed and experienced locksmiths provide the fastest and most reliable service in Dallas and the surrounding areas! Call us at (469) 480-3395 to schedule an appointment to open your commercial safe. Or, if it’s an emergency, you can call us right away and will be there as soon as possible! Having high-quality security in your commercial space is extremely important, and we completely understand that. We are committed to our customers and we strive to give you excellent service! We are experienced with every kind of lock, door, and door frame.  If you are concerned about the level of security you have at your location, we are the company to call. We can give you the highest level of security while staying within your budget.

We are open 24/7!

We aren’t like most locksmith companies! We are open 24/7, so if there is an emergency with your commercial safe, you can give us a call at any time and we will be right over! If you need a lock changed, or a lock fixed, our technicians will come right away! They are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are always available for these kinds of emergencies. They will come to your location equipped with all the tools to fix or change your locks, or to unlock a door.

We specialize in all kinds of locks. So, if you need a door unlocked in your home, your office, or your vehicle, we will be there to help you. We understand that emergencies happen, and take special care to have plenty of technicians available 24/7 for these kind of situations. We try our best to arrive at your location promptly, so that way you can get back to your day as soon as possible.

Don’t worry – 469 Locksmith is here for you!

We are equipped to handle any kind of lock emergency, and of course your standard lock change and installation appointment. Getting locks installed isn’t such a big deal when you’ve got 469 Locksmith to help you! With our services, you can be at ease and know that you are getting high-quality locks installed into your home of office space. And, you can also be at ease in any lock emergency, because you will know that one of our licensed, trained technicians will be at your location momentarily to get you back into your safe or building, and back to your day or night.

Call (469) 480-3395 today to schedule an appointment for any lock issues you are currently having, or if you would like to install new locks, or a security system! If you have any questions about our emergency services, one of our technicians can answer them for you, and will provide you with the best service possible. Call 469 Locksmith today!

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