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Are your doors secure? Door security is a serious issue no matter which neighborhood you live in. Burglaries and break-ins occur on a daily basis and many of which can be prevented with proper security precautions and secure doors.

There are still many inferior doors on the market today, constructed from low-quality materials. When combined with poor quality locks or locks that don’t function properly, the risk of someone breaking into your home or office multiplies.

Ask yourself, is the exterior doors of my house or commercial building secure? Would I be able to break in by applying enough force or by picking the lock?

If you believe your doors may not be as secure as they could, give us a call right away. We provide free estimates and consultations. The security of your home or office is our highest priority.

Typical doors in the market today

The most common types of doors in our market today are doors made from solid wood, metal-edge wrapped doors, metal skinned wood-edged doors, and panel doors. Each door type offers a different level of quality and security.

Another factor that affects the security of a door is the lock or locks used, as well as the way the door frame is designed. To this day there are still many poorly designed doors and locks out there that one could break into simply by inserting a credit card in-between the door and door frame.

A home’s front door is usually the most secured door. In many cases, deadlocks will be installed on a home’s front door, but not on the rear or side doors. Thief’s and buglers take advantage of this fact by breaking into rear and side doors instead of the front entrance door.

Don’t put your property’s security at risk

Don’t wait until after a break-in to secure your home or office. We offer a wide range of security options to fit any budget. Even if you only have a small budget we’ll find the best options to fit your needs. In many cases, we can greatly increase the security of your doors by making only a few minor changes, or installing a more secure lock type.

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Door Lock Repair Services


    The best time to think about security is when a building is constructed. Choosing higher quality building materials can make the difference between a door that’s easy to break into and a door that cannot be broken into.

    In buildings that are already constructed, there are plenty of options to increase the security. The first option is to replace the doors with doors made from higher quality materials. The different types of doors available include:

    • Fiberglass doors – fiberglass doors are a popular choice as they can resist wear from exposure to elements better than steel. However, they can crack from a hard impact, making them less secure than steel or wood doors.
    • Wood doors – Wood doors offer better security than most fiberglass doors, and they also provide a higher-end look. Some wood doors can even be more secure than steel doors.
    • Steel doors – Because of the security steel doors offer, they have become very popular and account for half of the doors in the market today. They require little maintenance unless dented or exposed to harsh elements. However, the least expensive steel doors on the market are usually made of steel panels only, which do not provide a good level of security. If choosing a steel door, make sure it has interior reinforcements and a lock block.

    The most secure doors usually use a combination of materials. For example, we offer wood doors with a steel core interior, which combines the quality and endurance of wood with the strength of steel.


    Of course, choosing a high-quality door is not enough to keep intruders out. Even the highest quality reinforced steel door can easily be kicked in if the lock installed is of poor quality. The right type of locks installed plays an equally important part as the quality of the door.

    Most standard door handles will come with a lock pre-installed. Alone door handle locks are usually not enough to prevent break-ins, although not all door handle locks are made the same.

    A deadbolt should be an essential component of a well-secured door. Although just like door handle locks, not all deadbolt locks are made the same either. In most cases, you do not need to spend $200 for a deadbolt lock, but you should not purchase the least expensive one either.

    If you’re unsure about which doors or locks to purchase give the experts at 469 locksmith a call. We offer free estimates and consultations and our experienced specialists will recommend the best options for your needs.

  • Door Frames

    The third and equally important component of a door’s security is the door frame or door jamb. Many door frames are built with a thin strike plate making it easy to kick the door. Instead, you should opt for a deeper box strike, which is the steel pocket that houses the shaft of the deadbolt.

    You should also use deep screws that burrow deep into the wall studs, instead of shallow screws that only screw into the door jamb itself. To add even more protection, you should also reinforce your door jamb with steel plates.

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If you live in the Dallas area and are concerned about your doors’ security, give our experts a call. We’re experienced with just about every door, lock, and door frame type out there. No matter what you currently have installed, we’ll know the best course of action to increase your security within any budget.

We’re proud to serve the communities where we live and work. Providing increased protection is what live for, as we know the work we do protects families, employees, and valuable assets.

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