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Has Someone ever broken into your car?

Every year, thousands of people are victims of car break-ins, many times in which their cars are destroyed and their belongings are stolen from the vehicle. If you have not had to deal with a break-in situation, you should consider yourself lucky. 

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, keep in mind that a break-in is always possible. The best way to prevent someone from breaking into your car is to do everything that you can to deter a criminal from breaking into your car. This is why anti-theft devices are so important. 

What are VATS system keys?

Most cars in this country are equipped with VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft Systems). A quick way to check to see if you have VATS in your car is to take a look at your car key or fob. 

If you have an anti-theft system on your vehicle, you should be able to tell by light or indicator within your car. In your car, you should be able to see a blinking light on your dashboard, which serves as an indicator of whether your anti-theft system is engaged or disengaged. 

VATS system keys are keys that have a button on them that gives them the ability to activate or deactivate the anti-theft system with the push of the button. 

More importantly, VATS system keys have built-in resistors that are recognized by the electrical current of your vehicle. 

The computer chip in your car is able to recognize the amount of resistance in your car key. If the resistor drops the cars electrical current lower or bumps it higher than it is supposed to, the car will not start. If the resistance in the key matches the current of your car, it will send a message to your car’s computer that this is the correct key and the car will start. 

Why they are important?

The way that these keys are designed makes them incredibly effective for preventing your car from getting stolen or broken into. The challenge that VATS system keys present is that they can be difficult to repair, replace, cut, and program. 

Repairing or replacing your VATS system keys

Do you have a VATS system key that needs to be repaired, duplicated, or replaced? Call our experts today so that we can help. 

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Vats System Keys Services

  • Lockouts

    We know how frustrating it can be to lock your keys in your car, house, or office. It seems to always happen at the most inconvenient of times. No matter if it’s 2:00 in the afternoon or 2:00 in the morning, our mobile response team is standing by to assist you.

    We offer lockouts for vehicles of all makes and models, houses, apartments, office and commercial buildings, and more. If a door needs to be opened, we have the tools and techniques needed to open it.

  • Lock Repair

    If you have a damaged lock of any type you should not need an appointment to have it repaired. There’s no need for you to go days without the security and protection you deserve. As soon as a lock is damaged, give us a call and we’ll come repair it right away.

    Our lock repair services can be performed on automobiles, RV’s, boats, house door locks, office locks including keyless entry systems, cabinet locks, and more.

  • Key Replacement

    If you damaged or lost your key we can replace it right away. There’s no need to order it from the OEM and wait days or weeks to have it shipped. We have blank keys that are ready to be cut for just about every type of application. This includes:

    • Automotive ignition keys for all makes and models
    • Traditional keys
    • Transponder keys
    • Wireless keys
    • Master keys
    • Cabinet lock keys

    Whatever type of key you need, chances are we have the blank in stock ready to be cut. Our services are available 24/7 so you don’t have to wait to have your key made!

  • Repair and replacement of security systems

    There are many older security systems still being used, and many are bound to stop working at any time. When they do stop working your home or office’s security is at risk.

    If you encounter any kind of problem with your security system we can come diagnose the issue right away. We’ll let you know if it makes financial sense to repair it, or if a replacement would be in your best interest. In either case, we’re equipped to get your security system operational again in no time.

    Don’t let your property go unprotected for any amount of time; our emergency locksmith team can come to your location right away.

  • Rekeying

    There are times when you may need emergency rekeying services. Some scenarios include:

    • After an employee is terminated or quits
    • After breaking up with a significant other
    • After a stranger had access to your keys

    No matter the circumstance you find yourself in if you feel like you might need to have your locks rekeyed you should go with your instinct. It’s usually not worth the risk to wait, especially considering the price it costs. Our rekeying services are very affordable, even if you need your locks rekeyed in the middle of the night.

  • Trunk and door opening

    Similar to lockouts, we are equipped and trained to open any type of door including car trunks. Many of the locking and latching mechanisms used in vehicle trunk doors can become faulty at any time, especially on older vehicles. Unfortunately, they’re not made to last forever.

    When the lock or latch does stop working, it’s usually when you have valuables in your trunk. Our technicians can open the trunk for you and repair the lock or latch so it’s operational again.

    We can also open RV doors including side storage doors, boat doors, trailer doors, lockers, and more.

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